Animal Control

The Municipality has hired Chris Kantomer as the By-Law Enforcement Officer. Please call the Municipal Office at 343-2061 with any concerns about an animal.


DOGS must be vaccinated and licensed annually. The $12.00 license fee is due in January each year. Dogs are not permitted to run at large; to bark or howl habitually; to defecate on public or private property other than its owners; and must remain on the owners’ premises unless leashed and under the immediate charge and effective control of a person competent to control it. The Animal Control By-law authorizes the capture of dogs found running at large, and dogs found to be vicious or creating a nuisance, and includes the applicable fees, fines, and costs.


CATS must also have a current rabies vaccination. Cats are not required to be licensed, however, licensing is recommended in order to identify a pet versus a stray. The excessive cat population has become a problem. No household shall harbor more than 2 cats.